Products can be assigned to one or more categories which classify products into groups which could represent:

  • Type of Product for example a "Toaster" category containing one or many Toasters.

  • Products belonging to a special offer for example a "Special Deals" category contain one or many products with special pricing.

  • Products assigned to be presented in a specific location within a channel, for example "Home Page Banner" for all products that are assigned to appear on a Banner on the Home Page of a website.

Portal View

Accessing Categories

Assess the Categories screen in the console via the console navigation bar.

Add New Category

Specified a Name for the category.

Click New Category to create the new category.

Edit Categories

Additional Category Details can be specified including:

Click Save to commit your modifications.

Category Properties




Internal Identifier for the category


Name of the category


A Url slug to access the category


A Description for the category


One or more key/value pairs

parent Category

A parent category to support the creation of a hierarchical/tree based structure of related categories


Image (assets) assigned to a category

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